Webinar on Cybersecurity: The Evolution of Ransomware

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webinar the evolution of ransomware

Webinar Event Schedule:

Topic: The Evolution of Ransomware On 8th March 2022

Date: 8th March 2022

Time: 1:00 PM — 2:00 PM EST

Host: Mr. Bob Weiss

Experience: 20+ years

Registration Link: https://www.vinsys.com/webinar-summary-Evolution-of-Ransomware

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Cybersecurity is one of the imperative aspects in the digital era. While the internet has bestowed the users with immense convenience and a memorable experience, there are zillions of incidents of virtual mishaps have registered as well. This led to the advent of cybersecurity development and the evolution of combating the issue of ransomware. The cybersecurity ecosystem is budding rapidly, with the scammers and the defenders both on their toes to outsmart each other. The cybercriminals tend to bring in advanced threats and different types of scams on a regular basis. The cybersecurity experts are leaving no stone unturned in preventing these malicious activities like phishing attacks, malware attacks and ransomware attacks.

It’s been more than two decades since the advent of ransomware attacks and now they are occurring so rapidly. These ransomware attacks take place when a scammer tends to steal a company’s data and then encrypt in order to abstain the company to access it. Concurrently, the scammers blackmail and threaten the company to pay or else they will release their private data. Worth of 102.3 million of ransomware transactions took place every month in the year of 2021.

These figures are enough to say that the need of a robust cybersecurity system is just inevitable. According to Statista, 32 percent of the respondents stated in a survey that their foremost priority is to spend in cybersecurity technology by employ AI or ML for detecting threat beforehand. The advent of the ‘work from home’ culture started in the pandemic also became one of the top reasons of such malicious activities. As employees worked at their homes, it created a significant increase in new endpoint devices while increasing the chances of cybersecurity breaches.

Furthermore, the United Kingdom witnessed a 5 percent increase in the cybersecurity growth. The total revenue was around 5.9 billion GBP. The highest growth in the year of 2020 was observed to be in the IT services segment market that grew at the rate of 7.7 percent. However, the hardware security segment had a negative growth that stood to minus 0.7 percent. Though the growth rates declined since the high rates between 2017 and 2019, the Statista Technology market estimates that revenue growth rates will only decline slightly until 2026.

How businesses can keep up with the competition after a ransomware attack?

Business owners who are never prepared for a ransomware attack or never have taken any preventive measures beforehand can witness a prolonged consequence. It will take them to bounce back with a normal operational speed. Either they have to pay the amount for their data or have to suffer the loss on entirety. Not to mention, the time and money invested in cracking the encryption code.

Nonetheless, when none of the option works, they might source a former version of their files by aligning with their employees, contractors, clients and all those who may have copies. Even though they may find maximum files, they won’t be putting any current versions and the entire team will have to again invest a lot of time to get back the business back to a break-even point.

That being said, the only way to bounce back from a ransomware attack is be prepared beforehand and not let it happen. This will require creating concurrent offline backups on a separate device that is not connected via internet and also not used by many people. Malware, including Ransomware, can infect backup drives and USB drives just the same. It’s crucial to ensure you maintain current offline backups.

Webinar on ‘Cybersecurity: The Evolution of Ransomware’ by Vinsys

Vinsys is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 certified organization and a globally acclaimed individual and corporate training provider. With 20+ years of legacy in empowering professionals through globally recognized certification trainings, Vinsys has enlightened 750K+ individuals attain their goals in the corporate sector. We specialize in conducting corporate training and open house workshops in Information Technology, IT Service Management, IT Governance, IT Infrastructure Library, Project Management, Behavioral and Management Solutions, and Foreign Languages for enterprises and governments worldwide. With accreditations from various prestigious organizations across the industry, Vinsys stands at the forefront of training providers globally.

Vinsys is associated with the eminent cybersecurity instructor Mr. Bob Weiss. He is the owner of WyzCo Group Inc and holds immense expertise in decoding the intricacies of ransomware attacks and guiding people how to prevent them. He has been a featured speaker at several local and international cybersecurity conferences. Mr. Weiss would be hosting a very informative webinar on the evolution of ransomware on 8th March 2022, conducted by Vinsys.

Individuals and businesses can prevent such malicious activities by getting a detailed insight of cybersecurity and ransomware attacks. Mr. Weiss will elucidate about the following:

● The growth and evolution of ransomware attacks over the last years

● The current state of ransomware attacks

● The intentions and goals of the ransomware attackers

● The top proven ways to secure your organization against these ransomware attacks

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